System approach to over 10% performance gain

As the Terminal Operating System (TOS) is the heart of the terminal operation, it is crucial to have it configured to support a high terminal performance at low cost. How to evaluate a change in TOS parameter settings when the actual operations vary from day to day? 

With TBA's emulation platform CONTROLS, the effects of TOS parameter changes or entire TOS strategy changes can be analyzed under reproducible operational circumstances. Parameter fine-tuning can be performed "offline" until the desired results have been achieved, for example for:

  • equipment scheduling parameters
  • container grounding parameters

TOS tuning with CONTROLS has given terminals across the globe the competitive edge.

KPI Container Terminal

Using CONTROLS, we can predict what the effect of particular alternative strategies would be in advance. This avoids making mistakes in the actual operations of the terminal, which is costly to correct.” - Planning Manager at APM Terminals Algeciras / Spain