More than 40 terminals have experienced emulation with CONTROLS

CONTROLS is a virtual container terminal connected to a real Terminal Operating System (TOS) such as SPARCS 3.x / N4, SPACE/TRAFIC and Catos. The resulting emulation platform allows for a proven approach to:

  • test your TOS in near-to-live circumstances
  • tune TOS parameter settings with measurable results
  • train your planners in the best usage of their everyday system

CONTROLS has been applied at more than 40 terminals world-wide, and is in daily use at 20 terminals as their insurance policy for a consistent and high operational performance!

During the software implementation phase, TBA's tools (CONTROLS) enabled advanced and complex testing. This allowed the terminal to reach a live date, while operating at high performance levels, at least 6 months sooner then would have been possible without using CONTROLS." Rich Ceci - IT Director for APM Terminals North America

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