Reefer App in a Nutshell


Reefer plugging and unplugging is a time-consuming business which is subject to many rules and targets. Reefers of different kinds are more or less sensitive to the time they can stay unplugged and the potential risk of the temperature rising too much is typically high, and reefers carry valuable cargo.


The app will generate warnings related to reefer containers, e.g.

  • Reefers being placed in non-reefer slots for too long
  • Reefers being unplugged for too long
  • Reefers that are still plugged when they are scheduled to be loaded within a certain amount of time
  • Reefers not being monitored for too long 

The app will also create an optimised schedule for reefer mechanics, and sends it to a mobile device that mechanics carry with them. On the device, mechanics can review their jobs, and complete them.

The impact of efficient reefer mechanic scheduling can be significant, as an experiment shows (see below). Without scheduling, reefer mechanics are working for almost all of the time.

Results from experiment with and without reefer scheduling

Without path optimisation, the average travel time per job is long (up to three times longer than the optimal path), while maintaining the time a container may stay unplugged within requirements. With proper reefer job scheduling, the reefer mechanic’s productivity can go up by 100%.