Pooling App in a Nutshell


The Pooling Application Tool improves productivity and reduces the workload for prime route users by automating part of the monitoring function.


Navis’ Prime Route is installed at many terminals and provides a solid basis for prime mover (terminal trucks, straddle carriers, shuttle carriers and automated guided vehicles (AGV’s)) pooling between various points of work (POWs).

However, the tool requires frequent human intervention to get the maximum result. The control panel to the user (EC Console) offers ways to set priorities and limit the number of vehicles allowed per POW. As some work queues require more equipment than others, an adjustment of these parameters is needed.

As this requires full and continuous attention from supervisors, as well as in-depth knowledge about how to configure the EC Console, we have developed a plug-in that automates the adjustments of parameters according to a unique situation. Based on the number of available prime movers and the type of work queues ongoing it sets, for each work queue, the minimum and maximum parameters and updates push rates.