Chimney App in a Nutshell


The goal of the chimney app is to increase safety in the yard. In terminals, chimney stacks are undesirable due to the risk of collapse when other containers are being handled, as well as the risk of falling due to wind.


We define a pile in the yard as a chimney (stack) when either:

  • The difference between the height of a pile and the maximum height of adjacent piles in the same bay is two or more, or three or more (depending on user configuration)
  • In RTG terminals the pile on the lane closest to the truck lane is already a chimney when it is higher than its adjacent inward pile

Due to stacking parameters and loading sequences, chimney stacks will evolve:

  • In RTG terminals, for safety reasons, chimneys in the yard need to be avoided
  • In ASC terminals, in case of approaching storm, chimneys in the yard need to be avoided and without the chimney app manual planning is needed to prepare the yard

The Chimney App will:

  • Identify the chimney stacks
  • Avoid new chimney stacks
  • List the moves to resolve chimney stacks
  • Make the chimneys visible in the TOS (below)
  • Plan moves for new piles of containers
  • Initially take chimneys of empty containers down
  • Then take chimneys of full containers down

Chimney App Video