Operational training focused on performance

A key element in consistently achieving the terminal's target productivities over various shifts and under varying conditions is a well trained team of planners - it all starts in the planning department.

TBA’s Virtual Reality TOS Training aims to improve decisions made by for example:

  • vessel planners
  • yard planners
  • equipment dispatchers

In the training, the trainees plan in their own TOS and get to see the results in a simulated environment. Pilots have been training in flight simulators for decades, QC operators are training in QC simulators. TBA let's you do the same for the planners, one of the most crucial tasks in any terminal.

Container terminal planning training

We recognized that we had a gap in training regarding understanding the relationships within the yard and quayside, although this was slightly offset by the enthusiasm of the control staff. A key element for the training was for staff in planning and execution to understand how the decisions that they made effected the balance in the terminal, in this I mean questioning whether I am making a decision based on the needs of the terminal or for my own targets.

COO at APM Terminals Apapa / Nigeria

“After long time we could bring all planning staff and shift managers to a formal training and it was amazing how simulator tool and trainers expertise could give a macro operational view of vessel, yard and equipment interaction to trainees.TBA´s training was surely one of the steps to bring MPS to another level in container terminal operations.”

Diego Proença – Planning Manager at Meridian Port Services (APM Terminals, Bolloré Africa Logistics and GPHA)

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