Gain control over TOS implementation

As the Terminal Operating System (TOS) is the heart of the terminal operation, and really drives the speed at which the operations run, it is crucial to have a new TOS fully prepared for this task. How to ensure that this is the case when the terminal is not yet open? Or when a new TOS has to replace an old one in a fully operational terminal?

With TBA's emulation platform CONTROLS, you can realistically create stress situations and see how a new TOS performs before go-live:

  • does it run smoothly and stable?
  • does it support the target performance under design conditions?

Or before peak-days and special circumstances:

  • is my TOS prepared for peak scenarios?
  • how will my TOS perform if our volume grows or customer requirements change? 

Container terminal Simulation

“The emulation will allow us to see in an early stage how well the software will perform, which is critical to our success.” - Anthony Otto - President of LBCT / USA

"TBA’s emulation software allows us to extensively test our TOS systems before going live with our customers. The impressive testing capabilities ensure that we find and fix any potential defects before production, thus providing our customers with a significantly enhanced service." - Vu Nghiem (Harry) Nguyen -  CEO of RBS