Dear visitor,

Thank you for visiting the internet page of DBIS. We are happy to announce that the work we have performed during the last years with our sister companies CSA and TBA, resulted in April 2017 in one common name with one mission and vision and one set of core values.

Although we remain in our office in Doncaster and although the management structure remains the same, we feel that bringing the brands together allows us to provide the products and services that you as customer are asking for in a better way.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards, 

David Trueman

Managing Director - TBA Doncaster


The total software package for bulk and break bulk terminals that allows you to save costs and increase revenue. CommTrac is installed at over 30 sites around the globe.


35 years’ experience in turn key automation projects for terminals and other industries.

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