Custom simulation models

We can make tailored simulation models to fit to your logistics' needs whether it's a port, general cargo or even a warehouse terminal. TBA has been supporting the executive branch of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure (Rijkswaterstaat) in their decision making on the main waterway network for more than 10 years.

The Netherlands has one of the busiest networks of inland waterways in the world. These waterways handle a significant part of the hinterland connection from the Port of Rotterdam, and as such are vital in achieving the growth of the port which is spurred from the construction of the Maasvlakte 2.

Since the most critical bottlenecks in the waterway network are formed by objects like locks and bridges, careful planning of this infrastructure is of the utmost importance and therefore simulation is deployed. TBA has analysed a broad range of problems using lock simulation, such as:

  • Capacity check of new lock designs
  • Investigation of delays due to maintenance
  • Effects of the increase in vessel sizes
  • Optimisation of lock strategies

TBA maintains the custom SIVAK simulation model for analysing the capacity of locks in waterways for the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure.