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New TBA app to alleviate TOS problems

July 2014
Press release

How do you optimise the travel path of reefer mechanics while maintaining due times for plugging and unplugging?

And how do you create subsequent moves between straddle carriers and empty handlers automatically?

Also, what is the best way to set CHE ranges for automated RMGs?

All of these can represent small gaps in the functionality spectrum of most terminal operating systems. Which was why Dutch optimisation specialist TBA has created an ‘intelligent app platform’ to fill in these gaps with useful and productivity-enhancing behaviour.  

Terminal Operating Systems provide more and more functionality and can facilitate efficient operations. Planning and operation become more automated on a step-by step basis, especially with regard to repetitive functions such as vessel planning and yard planning.

Yet, in terms of terminal operations, there is still much uncovered ground requiring manual intervention.

The new app platform has been designed to alleviate these problems and connects seamlessly to SPARCS (N4), using Java technology for the apps. The apps produce clear feedback on what has been optimised and when the app ran; they can be easily switched on and off.  

A TBA spokesperson added that as practical experience grows, further releases with an increasing number of apps will become available.