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Minimizing planning errors? Try the plan verification tool!

July 2014
Press release

Planning of vessel, yard and equipment at terminals is of increasing importance of the scale and density of operations is ever-increasing. Minimizing unproductive moves, avoiding QC clashes, working in unproductive vessel sequences, working plugged reefers, not twinning 20's are just a few examples of opportunities for productivity improvement that we found when analyzing live plans across a large group of terminals.

For this purpose, we developed an assistance tool, called 'plan verification tool'. This tool checks for a large series of common errors made in plans almost instantaneously, and lists them in a clear report, pointing at the specific work queues, work instructions, yard areas or equipment that is involved, so that a planner can easily correct the errors. 

The tool works seamlessly with SPARCS 3.x as well as SPARCS N4, as such covering a large range of terminals. The tool can be trialled for a test period.

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