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TBA’s Virtual Training: A Big Success in 2013

January 2014
Press release

TBA delivered more than 10 virtual terminal planning trainings in 2013 that achieved impressive results. The planners at terminals situated across the world showed significant increases in productivity and efficiency by the end of the training program. Due to the unique set-up of the training, the actual performance per planner can be measured, as well as his own achievement during the training. As the graph below shows the difference per planner is significant.

During the training, in which the planners use their day-to-day working environment (SPARCS, or N4) , planners get to see the results of their plans in a simulated terminal that mimics reality (see below). The improvements in planning can be seen in the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), such as berth productivity, quay crane productivity, or truck turn time, for each virtual terminal.

TBA's Virtual Terminal