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TBA delivers CONTROLS emulation software to LBCT

February 2014
Press release

Long Beach Container Terminal (LBCT) has ordered TBA’s emulation software CONTROLS. The CONTROLS software will be used by LBCT to thoroughly test the terminal operating systems (NAVIS N4 and TBA’s TEAMS package), prior to the go-live of the new facility, to ensure the target performance can be achieved.

Besides testing, CONTROLS will be used to verify the performance capability of the entire system, at full build-out, and under peak conditions. Anthony Otto, President of LBCT, states: “The emulation will allow us to see in an early stage how well the software will perform, which is critical to our success”.

Next to testing and tuning, CONTROLS will be used to train the operational personnel on their own 3D virtual terminal.

CONTROLS has been used at over 40 terminals worldwide and has proven itself over the last 8 years.

The advantages of having your own 3D CONTROLS terminal:

-          Testing before go-live

-          Risk free tuning and training in your own virtual terminal

-          Faster than real-time testing

-          Detailed on-line visualization

-          Operation replay mode

-          On-line and off-line statistics

-          Advanced scenario definition capabilities