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TBA shows process improvement within 365 days ROI

April 2014
Press release

Over the past decades, innovation in the container terminal industry has mostly been focused on keeping up with ever-increasing volumes. At the start of the crisis in 2009, many terminals became painfully aware that as a result, the cost and performance of their operation has been largely ignored.

In a number of case studies, TBA has found that a large potential for improvement exists at many facilities. Even now that volumes are increasing, the business case for a systematic elimination of operational inefficiencies is undeniable. With many terminals increasing their focus on cost and performance, the industry is maturing further. Terminals that fail to keep up run the risk of being left behind.

The TBA Process Improvement Program (PIP) is centered on improvements in cost or performance, and often a combination is possible as the two are in many cases related. Examples of earlier achievements:

  • More volume (10%-15%) without additional investments, even when the yard is considered “full”
  • Less equipment deployment (10%-25%) without a drop in service levels
  • Higher performance or service levels (5%-10%) without additional equipment
  • Cost reduction targets are 5-15%, but reductions of 20% are not uncommon.

Because the PIP ensures that no money and time is spent on the wrong measures, the payback time for the program is limited to about a year in most cases.

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