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Virtual training shows major productivity improvement for Embraport, Brazil

April 2014
Press release

TBA just delivered another successful SPARCS planning training using its proven virtual terminal tool at Embraport, in the port of Santos. This is the second training at one of DP World’s newest facilities as more and more people get hired in this growing facility. The unique setting of our planning training allows accurate measurement of the quality of the plans planners make, and due to the built-in iteration, we can measure whether the planner’s capability improves during the week of training. As an example, we have shown the comparison of the first plan (“base”), the second and third plan made by the planners in below graph.

Being able to assess the work of a planning team on productivity and efficiency (e.g. amount of equipment deployed) is something that is hard in a live environment. What remains stunning is how significant the quality of a plan is on productivity! We typically see differences of up to 30% in berth productivity for instance.

Another part of the training is the use of advanced tools and advanced (yard and equipment deployment) strategies. In a safe environment, the trainees can practice their skills with for instance Equipment Control, Yard Impact View, Expert Decking, Prime Route or Autostow.


During the training, in which the planners use their day-to-day working environment (SPARCS, or N4), planners get to see the results of their plans in a simulated terminal that mimics reality (see below). The improvements in planning can be seen in the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), such as berth productivity, quay crane productivity, or truck turn time, for each virtual terminal.