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Happy new year

December 2013
Press release

The entire team of TBA wishes you a healthy, stable and prosperous 2014!

2013 is world-wide a year of cautious recovery. Areas with growth, areas with stagnation, winners and losers, and turbulent changes in the shipping world. For TBA, 2013 is the year we entered a country of the future: China. Proudly we can say that we are assisting large terminals in their plans for automation; the next phase of their ambitious expansions. This also makes 2013 the year in which automation finally became an acceptable way forward in any region. For long, it has been restricted to high labour cost countries, and now it will be deployed in a country where labour seems abundant. However, reality is sometimes different.

While setting first steps in this ancient society, we have been working extremely hard on the full-scale automation projects in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and in Long Beach, California. Challenging projects, where good co-operation between TOS supplier, equipment vendors, customers and ourselves is the key to success in realizing state-of-the-art, high performance terminals.

In 2013, we also delivered a large number of training sessions, aimed at improving control room operator’s skills. Vessel planning training, yard planning training, and performance improvement training has been very popular, and led – most importantly – to good results in practice.

Since 2011, DBIS is part of the TBA family. We have continued the world-wide growth, becoming the leading TOS provider for bulk, car and general cargo terminals. DBIS delivered the CommTrac TOS to a large number of sites.

We hope you are all looking forward to the new year as much as we are, and wish you wonderful holidays and a prosperous 2014!

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