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TBA Addresses Automation Challenges with AI & Terminal Performance Expertise at Global Port Technology Industry Event

February 2018
Press release

Container Terminal Automation Conference 2018: Automation and AI

Over the last few years, the shipping industry has seen growing investment in automation. Companies have made this investment in order to remain competitive and in an effort to drive the industry forward, but investment in training and in global standardisation has lagged behind significantly. Global standards are an important part of the process of enabling systems from various suppliers to work together; it is this standardisation that will allow the industry to take full advantage of emergent technologies. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a trendy topic, but does the industry have the right framework in place to support the utilisation of this powerful tool to its full potential?

It is questions like the above that will be addressed by Dr Yvo Saanen, Commercial Director of the TBA Group, at the Container Terminal Automation Conference (14 – 15 March) in London. At the conference, Yvo will share his thoughts on how terminals can fully benefit from AI and how variable costs can be drastically reduced by using existing assets in a more productive way. As a pioneer in the process of using simulation in a proofed environment, TBA has an impressive global portfolio of experience assisting different types of terminals and addressing customer needs with proven solutions.

The Container Terminal Automation Conference 2018: Automation and AI takes place from 14 to 15 March in London. The event brings together the top futurists, analysts and engineers in AI Automation to uncover the secrets of AI Automation, explore the latest cutting-edge operations along the supply chain, address the human cost and how that can be leveraged, envision what lays in store for humanity and physical trade, and ensure optimum cybersecurity practices are discovered. To find out more about the importance of this prestigious industry event, visit