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World Port days Rotterdam; visit the automated terminals APMT MVII and RWG in virtual reality!

August 2016
Press release

Port Authority Rotterdam has invited TBA to participate on the stand of the Port authority during the World Port days, 2, 3, and 4 September. The World Port days are the biggest public event in the Port of Rotterdam, where numerous companies open their doors for the general public to show the latest innovations on one of the largest ports in the world. World Port Days demonstrate how multi-faceted and fascinating the Port of Rotterdam is. Port authority Rotterdam manages, operates and develops the port and industrial area of Rotterdam.

TBA will showcase in cooperation with APM MVII and RWG both terminals in virtual 3D. Visitors can play a specially developed World Port Days mission on one of the terminals in virtual reality with the Oculus Rift. These virtual 3D terminals have been built to train terminal personnel in near real live circumstances while not disturbing any real live operations. This is the most advanced training game for automated terminals worldwide, TBA’s SAFE T GAME, developed in cooperation with Dinalog, the national top institute for logistics.

During the World Port days mission you are flying in a drone around one of the two terminals. You will have two minutes to find a number of objects on the terminal, such as a quay crane, an AGV, a stacking crane, a barge, and safety fences around the automated area.

You can find the event in the following link:

Please come and meet us here on 2, 3 or 4 September!