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April 2015
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With TOC Europe just around the corner, simulation, emulation and software specialists TBA is presenting an ‘App of the week’ initiative together with Port Technology International. The Intelligent App platform is developed in conjunction with terminals to optimise operations.

The apps presented in this series are working apps and apps currently in testing.

The Intelligent App platform is working together with Navis SPARCS 3.7, and N4 2.x.


App of the Week: Plan Verification App

Planners at terminals have to think of many factors when planning the handling of a vessel.

Key questions revolve around whether a team is using the right working patterns, whether the right containers are being handled in the right sequence from the yard, whether a yard supports the cranes and so forth.

An extensive analysis of training results in our planning training has revealed that the improvement of planning can lead to much better productivity, while avoiding the typical ‘fire-fighting’ that happens in the control tower.

From the same analysis we gathered the most commonly made mistakes and implemented them in our Plan Verification App which instantaneously checks plans for common mistakes.

The latest release also checks for optimisation opportunities, minimises yard clashes and checks for twin-lift possibilities as well as dual cycling.

The Plan Verification App is part of the Intelligent App platform and works seamlessly with Navis SPARCS 3.7, and N4 2.x. It can be remotely installed and has no effect on the production system, hence it is risk free.