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Explore the Virtual Terminal

January 2015
Press release

Always wanted to experience your future terminal in its greatest detail before actually building one? Interested in experiencing the future layout, buildings, and combination of equipment in the terminal planning phase? So far the domain of simulation only, TBA now introduces the combination of highly accurate terminal simulation models with state-of-the-art technology in the form of the Oculus Rift This revolutionary combination create a unique experience of walking around in your newly planned terminal years before go-live.

At Maasvlakte II in Rotterdam TBA is using their Virtual Terminal simulation model to train people. Connecting the Virtual Terminal to the Oculus Rift, safety training on Terminals will become even more realistic.

During the upcoming TOC in Rotterdam TBA will allow visitors to walk around the terminals of Maasvlakte II: an experience that can only be gained in this virtual world, as fully automated terminals are the exclusive domain of robots……