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The challenge for suppliers; State-of-the-Art Automation

December 2014
Press release

On the Second Maasvlakte in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and in Long Beach, CA USA, three of the most advanced automated terminals in the world are being build (Rotterdam World Gateway, APMT MVII and LBCT). End to end the workflows on the terminals are automated, with minimal manual intervention.

TBA is involved as a software supplier, where we deliver our TEAMS software, which is the equipment control software. TEAMS software translates the planning from the TOS (terminal operating software) into outside moves, where the software acts between the equipment and the Terminal Operating Software (TOS). Routing, collision detection and high speed operations are among the operational challenges which are executed by our software. As a supplier we are challenged to perform to our best, and to explore new workflows and terminal design in cooperation with our clients and other suppliers.

It is exciting to work on state-of-the-art terminal design and to be a part of the building blocks of innovation in operation. We are continuously measuring the impact of automation on productivity and seeing higher levels as the automation software is mature and all suppliers are working together to deliver the best. For 2015 TBA sees a new challenge to expand the TEAMS software to more equipment types, to expand the automation possibilities for terminals with different types of fleets.