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SCCT TOS migration support using CONTROLS

December 2014
Press release

Suez Canal Container Terminal (SCCT), a large Mediterranean transshipment terminal, has recently migrated to Navis N4. TBA was asked to support in several aspects of the project, including testing the new TOS under near-to-live circumstances, giving Virtual Reality TOS training sessions and setting up the advanced modules PrimeRoute and Expert Decking. For each of these activities, TBA used its proven emulation software CONTROLS.

The decision of SCCT to deploy TBA’s emulation approach enabled extensive testing of the TOS, using a TOS dataset from production (migrated to the new TOS) to test the system under realistic load. The training sessions with CONTROLS enabled the trainees to use the new TOS during dynamic operations, so they could apply best practices and experience the impact on their future system well in advance of Go-Live.

SCCT Trucks

To setup PrimeRoute and Expert Decking, TBA combined its extensive experience in optimizing these modules with the benefits of emulation. The initial configuration was done according to TBA’s vision on these systems, after which the configuration was verified and improved in the virtual reality operations of CONTROLS to roll out into the live operations. 

As a result, the large and complex terminal went live without any major problems, with PrimeRoute and Expert Decking successfully deployed from the very first day. This enabled SCCT to handle 4000 container moves per day, ramping-up to an impressive figure of 6000+ in 4 weeks.