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Near-to-live-training for Container Terminal Planners

September 2014

A proficient use of a Terminal Operating System (TOS) for planning and equipment control is
essential for efficient and productive operation of container terminals. The degree to which
TOS is used effectively is highly reliant on human operators. The training of these operators
is traditionally done through conventional and on-the-job training, with a limited structure,
and a narrow scope. Besides, it heavily relies on the expertise of the on-the-job trainer(s). In
this article we report a systematic training approach we have applied in a number of cases to
improve the skills of control room operators in various container terminals. The approach is
supported by a virtual terminal emulation and allows for accurate measuring of the operator’s
performance. As such, we have been able to measure the impact of the training, and the
impact of changed ways of operating, in the sense of improved ways of planning and
controlling the terminal.

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