Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide integrated software solutions to simplify the operations of ports, terminals and warehouses. We seek to enable every client to deliver for their customers safely and efficiently.

Company Vision

Our vision is to offer a world-class, end-to-end, integrated software and consultancy solution for the entire lifecycle of ports, terminals and warehouses. A scalable portfolio of solutions that work for small or large operations, either manual or automated.

Company History

The TBA Group formed officially in April 2017. The group comprises three sister sites: TBA Delft (NL), TBA Doncaster (UK) and TBA Leicester (UK). In addition, we have offices in Satu Mare in Romania and Dusseldorf, Germany as well as local representation in North America, South America and Oceania.

It is this global presence that allows TBA Group the ability to understand and support operations around the world. We are sensitive to local requirements, speak a multitude of languages and as a result, we have clients on almost every continent.

We overcome challenges with experience and knowledge. Working with our clients, we add value to their operation through innovation.

Watch our integrated software solutions video below for a better insight into how TBA Group can simplify your operation.