Internship - Network & Systems Engineering

TBA is a software company that specializes in container terminals, our IT department supports our users and also sometimes customers. In this day and age, it is vital that you have a proper security plan set up, especially for TBA with our wide range of customers.

TBA is currently looking for ways to increase its networks security. Therefor it has already implementing an Intrusion Prevention System, but no software system is a hundred percent fail safe. We are looking for an Intrusion Detection System as well. This system will give us a warning if a user makes changes to our infrastructure or when someone is trying to reach an area, he/she doesn’t have access to, so that we can act accordingly.

The purpose of this internship assignment is to deliver a working intrusion detection system with its rules tested and every step documented.

1.1        The assignment

The internship assignment consists of installing and configuring an IDS that will monitor our network for suspicious behaviour.

Preconditions for this assignment are the use of Snort as an IDS system.

We are looking for the following end-results

  1. Installation and configuration of Snort as an IDS system, Rules are based on TBA’s infrastructure
  2. Project Plan and Documentation on how the system is configured and why, also a workshop and how-to’s should be created on how the system works.

1.2        Student profile

This is for students who have a working knowledge of Networking, Firewalls and Ethical Hacking.

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