Internship - Software Engineering Automation (4th year)

TBA’s TEAMS product controls robot equipment on a container terminal. Monitoring and steering the operation is done from a Control Room. Some other process points are used to enter specific information, e.g. in the cab of a container crane.

TBA wants to develop a new method of keeping abreast of impending technical IT problems by monitoring and reporting on a limited number of Key Performance Indicators of the TEAMS system. In the first phase TBA has in mind to monitor memory usage on servers, CPU usage, disk usage, network traffic volume, communication channels load etc. etc. The purpose of this part of the system is to provide the control room operator with an early warning system for impending technical problems. This way he might alert IT technicians to deal with the problem, before the operation gets delayed.

The purpose of this internship assignment is to deliver a working system with both a GUI as well as the server-side functionality.

1.1        The assignment

The internship assignment consists of developing an application that will monitor technical indicators and alert the TEAMS user, using the standards of the TBA UI, of any impending problems.

Preconditions for this assignment are the use of TBA’s standards for GUI design and the use of TBA’s technology stack, at least for the back-end part.

We are looking for the following end-results

  1. A design of a modular system that allows for adding additional KPI’s in a later phase
  2. A working application with the functionality as described in the report including documentation on the application

1.2        Student profile

This is for students who have a working knowledge of Java, some knowledge on message bus systems like ActiveMQ, some knowledge of SQL and who have affinity with developing apps.


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