Bulk Terminal Design

TBA has customised its simulation Tool-Kit to also fit the requirements of bulk handling terminals. The bulk simulation model is an extended version of the proven model "TRAFALQUAR", used for long term aggregate capacity and investment analysis. A 365 day analysis of terminals operations allows to capture the operational and seasonal peaks resulting into insights for dynamic analysis on storage utilisation and requirement.

The proven model is used for:

  • Capacity assessment: to understand the capacity of your terminal, its bottlenecks and the associated investments.
  • Planning: to understand which terminal plan (lay-out, type of equipment etc.) fits your needs.
  • Process improvement: to get the most out of your facility, from first ideas to implementation AND realisation.
  • Software specs: to make the functional requirements of the Terminal Management system that supports all your processes at the terminal.
  • 3D Visualisation and animation.  

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