Autostore Resource Management Module

The Autostore Resource Management Module enables you to map the workforce to the known workload. This allows you to assign the appropriate manning levels in each area of your operation at the correct time.

Resource management made easy...

The Resource Management Module allows you to assess the manning levels required for the scheduled workload by applying a previously defined strategy over a specific time period. The module presents you with the total man hours required to carry out the workload – along with a breakdown of the peaks and troughs of the requirement throughout the time period.

Key features

  • Strategies based on real-time operational known factors
  • Multiple strategies can be created and stored for future use
  • Flexibility of both the time frame specified for resource enquiry and the number of slices used in the further breakdown of results within the enquiry period
  • Ability to add manually to workload
  • Ability to add additional non-operational duties to calculations (cleaning for example)


  • Travel times for MHE from zone to zone
  • Unit picking rates
  • Travel time between pickfaces
  • Actual strategies for input to warehouse
  • Specified time frame that output is required to be completed prior to despatch
  • Provides flexibility in the level of detail in terms of the size of ‘time slices’ within a specific enquiry time period

These strategies can be saved on Autostore and applied to an enquiry at any time. Different configurations can be applied to the same workload period for comparison.

Calculation of Resource

  • You specify a time frame in your enquiry and by applying a strategy to the enquiry, Autostore will calculate the number of handling units to be picked/moved and the manning required. It does this by using the known input, output and unit picking that is already uploaded on the system.
  • Any additional forthcoming work for that time frame that has not yet been uploaded to Autostore WMS can be added to the enquiry - as can any requirement for non-operational tasks (for instance cleaning).


  • Results for an enquiry will display the overall handling units to be picked/moved and manning required to complete the workload. It includes a detail option that will display the requirement in segments within the wholetime frame as defined in the configuration.
  • Results are independently saved and so can be revisited - even if parameters / workload/ strategies have changed since the enquiry was executed.

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