Autostore WMS Pick to Light Module

Autostore Warehouse Management System's Pick to Light System module can be used for directed picking of product or the directed putting of product - complete with a check weight facility. Our versatile pick to light system uses arrangements of lights to identify product and pick/put quantities, helping your sorting personnel and stock keeping units (SKUs) meet order requirements quickly, easily and accurately.

What are the features and benefits of this module?

  • Sorting and picking productivity is more than doubled over manual picks.
  • Substantially reduced interpretation errors since orders and bar codes are scanned and not read.
  • Sortation and picking accuracy is greatly increased due to directed picks/puts.
  • Real-time order tracking.
  • Seamless integration with your overall processes.
  • Low-cost automated solution.
  • Windows graphical user interface.
  • Full and seamless integration with Autostore WMS and PLC Control Systems.

The Autostore WMS Pick to Light System was originally designed alongside a key customer to enable an omnichannel operation within an existing warehouse. This successful module enables clients to benefit from Pick to Light without the large-scale engineering project costs and operational disruption.

It is now possible to target discreet areas within the warehouse that would benefit from increased throughput at item level picking and/or customer-facing order operations.

The Autostore WMS Pick to Light module is designed, installed and commissioned by TBA engineers to complement existing warehouse operations.

The unique Pick to Light POD design enables great space utilisation and is truly scalable to actual requirements and peak time increases.

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