Autostore Conveyor Control System

Whatever you're moving, the Autostore Conveyor Control System will automatically transfer your goods along the pre-defined routes you select using the equipment you choose - improving productivity, accuracy, efficiency and flexibility across your warehouse conveyor operations. From conveyors, shuttles and transfer cars to lifts, lift tables, turntables plus up/down-enders, it manages all goods movements smoothly and safely using industry-standard programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and sensors.


Easily integrates your mechanical handling equipment with Autostore WMS or your existing warehouse management system - for total, real-time control.


A human/machine interface manages all your general control, maintenance, information access and troubleshooting needs.


From gauging, profiling, weighing and barcode recognition to route management, diagnostics via a local operator interface and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA).


Value-added control services include device layouts, electrical schematics, panel layouts, conduit layouts, PLC programming, operator interfaces and on-site commissioning - plus operator and maintenance training.


The Autostore Conveyor Control System optimises your warehouse productivity, eradicates human error and enhances profitability.

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