Autostore Co-Packing Module

The Autostore Co-packing Module allows you to manage a repackaging operation alongside the standard operation of the warehouse. This gives you greater control over the quality of the repack and stock control while simultaneously eliminating the transportation costs of movements to another site.

Co-packing made easy ...

From a simple single repack operation to multi-line/multi-item operations, the Autostore Co-packing Module enables you to manage the process, meet shorter lead times and reduce your carbon footprint.

Key Features:

  • Requirements all set against a Works Order
  • Co-packing carried out against a specifically defined Bill of Materials
  • As-required replenishment of donor stock to co-pack area as stock is used up
  • Flexibility to run the same co-pack operation on multiple distinct co-pack lines, each with their own distinct donor pallets
  • Full traceability of all donor stock
  • Creates a real-time update after each new repack pallet to show current progress against the
    overall requirement

Autostore Co-packing Module ensures process management, accuracy and stock control

Bill of Materials

  • The Bill of Materials is used as a ‘recipe’ to define the constituents of the item to be created from the co-pack operation specifying the quantity of the donor stock consumed when new stock is created.

Works Order

  • A Works Order is defined detailing the specifications of the item to be created. The new stock can be created at either case or unit level. A Bill of Materials is then assigned, with safeguards allowing only Bill of Materials that are pertinent to the item.
  • The module includes an option to to specify the final preferred despatch destination of the created stock.


  • Donor stock is output to the co-pack area as required, ensuring a smooth flow of stock available for packing.There’s no need to ‘pre-output’ the stock and use up valuable space.
  • At the point each pallet is created, the donor stock is automatically decremented as per the Bill of Materials definition. This ensures real time maintenance of donor stock levels and fully recorded traceability.
  • Specific items can be set for the donor pallets used in consumption to be manually confirmed, if desired
  • Includes continual notification of progress to date throughout the operation. As each pallet of the new item is confirmed as created, the user is informed of the amount produced so far against the designated requirement.

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