Autostore RMS

Autostore RMS

Autostore Resource Management System

Autostore RMS software enables you to plan and manage labour, time, activity and payroll quickly and easily. You can assign staff to teams on a shift-by-shift basis, letting you easily meet your changing skills requirements - day-by-day, week-by-week and month-by-month. Easily integrated with your existing business systems, Autostore RMS features incisive and fast reporting that enhances the precision with which you can view the business - from revenue, profitability and labour cost per tonne to profitability by customer, product and facility type.




Manage internal or contract labour, configurable rules, statistical information, maintenance of holiday and sickness records, maintenance of different pay rate and benefit options. Plus, you can split payroll by types of worker, pay rates, worker grades, worker skills, worker allowances, special duties, cost codes, activity/delay codes and time monitoring.




Autostore RMS recommends workers for the right teams or departments based on their availability and hours previously worked - or lets you manually assign people.




Record timesheets and overtime, generating payroll based on those timesheets to show real-time information on productivity, working time information and more.




Web browser option is built-in, delivering controlled user access and system functionality from any internet-connected computer for maximum flexibility and control.



Performance enhancing

Allocate and manage your people in real-time to optimise human resourcing, cut errors, increase productivity and profitability. Perfect for managing people within the EU Working Time Directive, Autostore RMS delivers a highly adaptable operation that flexes in tune with your business needs.

Improves profitability, cuts costs, increases productivity, eradicates errors and optimises resources to future-proof your cargo handling business for high performance.

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