Autostore Container Terminal Management System

Autostore CTMS is the cutting-edge container management system that efficiently manages every component of your terminal. It combines the best practices of hands-on operational management with secure, scalable and reliable technologies that help boost your bottom line.

Running strategic operations with real-time inventory management, flexible workflow tools and comprehensively integrating with other business-critical systems, Autostore CTMS gives you complete visibility and control of all cargo. At the gate, in the yard, the container stack as well as on vessels or rail wagons.


Dynamic, networked control means shorter container lift and vessel turnaround times. Deployed internationally, Autostore container management system enhances your cargo processing, increases container throughput, improves productivity and delivers superior use of available space.


Supporting the operational needs of your business, Autostore provides comprehensive and flexible reporting in real-time for peerless decision-support.


Integrates securely, easily and cleanly with all third-party business management/ERP/legacy systems - plus advanced gate technologies like OCR.


From import, export and transhipment processing to gate operations, yard management, vessel/rail operations and statistical analysis, Autostore raises the bar for container logistics control.


Web browser option is built-in, delivering controlled user access and system functionality from any Internet-connected computer for maximum flexibility and control.


Improves profitability, cuts cost, increases productivity, eradicates errors and optimises resources to future-proof your cargo handling business for high performance.

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